Average Ring Sizes :

If you are planning a surprise, and not sure of the size. These standard ring sizes can help guide you in the correct direction.

Women :

The most common and safe ring size for women ranges from size 11 to size 14. Size 12 is the most popular.

Men :

The most common and safe ring size for men ranges from size 15 to size 20. Size 16 is the most popular.



Here are number of methods to find your ring size at home:


What If I order wrong ring size?

Don't stress out if you don’t know your size. Dwarkas provides complimentary resizing If you need a different ring, we offer a 7-day exchange policy for your convenience.


Everyone wants their Jewellery to sparkle to life-long. Follow these simple rules to preserve the fire, brilliance and beauty of your priceless jewellery

  • Little tips to help you take care of your treasured possessions.
  • Use only a mild soap solution and distilled water to clean your jewellery
  • You can also use a soft chamois cloth to keep gold shiny as new
  • Remember to store different pieces in different jewellery boxes
  • Always make sure that you wrap them in a cloth and avoid using cotton
  • Protect your gold jewellery from dust, moisture, perfume, hairspray & make-up
  • A home solution of one part mild detergent one part household,
  • Ammonia and three parts water is also effective in cleaning your jewellery
  • You should always dry your jewellery with a lint-free towel