Category30 Day Money Back
(100% Refund Within 30 Days) *
Lifetime Exchange
(Exchange or Upgrade Your Jewellery)
(Sell Your Jewellery Back to Us)
Gemstone and/or Diamond Jewellery100% of invoice value*75% of Invoice Value^70% of Invoice Value^
Diamond Jewellery100% of invoice value*75% of Invoice Value^70% of Invoice Value^
Gold Jewellery & Platinum Jewellery100% of invoice value*75% of Invoice Value^70% of Invoice Value^
Gifting JewelleryNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot Applicable
 * Up to ₹ 150,000 INR.^Excluding taxes.^Excluding taxes.


For Domestic Orders Only

We are thrilled to have you as a customer and want you to have a dazzling shopping experience with us! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please return it for a refund or exchange within 7 days of the date of receipt.

If any order items are damaged during transit contact us immediately for assistance within 7 days. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items or products taken elsewhere for repairs, engraving or alterations of any kind. There is no warranty on colour (as far as how it will last), colour changes, or stones coming out.

You are required to report for Money back within 7 days of receipt of the product either by contact us on Contact Us or writing to us on [email protected]. Customers should not return the product before receiving a conformation mail from us about the same.

If you request a return, at the time of collecting the merchandise, our courier partner will collect the product from the address provided by you and will get it back to us, our courier partners shall give you a courier Airway bill, which is to be retained for future reference. Please also keep a copy of the sales invoice for future reference, before handing over the return merchandise and the original sales invoice to the courier.

For the refund or exchange on the returned product please check the section below.

Money Back and Exchange Policy terms:

  • Returned items need to be in their original condition without signs of wear, damage, or alteration along with their original packaging.
  • Product should be accompanied with original product certificate and the original / copy of invoice for all refund or exchange within the 30-Day Money Back period. The tag should not have been removed from the product for us to accept it as a 30-day Money back.
  • In case, any coupon, Discount or Promo Codes were used during the original purchase, the Buyback/exchange amount will be reduced by an amount equivalent to the Coupon, Discount or Promo Codes, and taxes as applicable.
  • Returns are inspected and processed by our returns department within 7 business days of receipt.
  • Customized (including personalized products) Jewellery is not eligible for a Money back, 30 Day exchange or Buyback. Only Life Lime Time Exchange Policy applies.
  • Women's Band ring sizes below 7 & more than 15, Men's Band ring sizes below 15 & more than 24 are considered special size orders & they cannot be returned or refunded. Only Life Lime Time Exchange Policy applies.
  • Mountings, Semi-Mounts and Only Settings are treated as custom orders and cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded.
  • In case of a refund on 30-Day Money back, payment of the refund amount shall be done via online bank transfer to the customer's bank account within 10 days of receipt of the product. If the mode of the payment was through online debit / credit card / net banking, the refund will be processed by reversal of the transaction.
  • In case of COD (Cash on delivery i.e. when customer pays in cash once the product is received) the amount can be refunded either through cheque or online transfer as NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer). The mode of refund depends on the customer's choice.
  • We will refund under those circumstances where our logistic partner has been unable to deliver the product, even after repeated efforts due to the customer's unavailability. Although while making the refund, we will deduct from the amount paid all the costs incurred by us like shipment expenses both to and fro and any other charges.
  • Returns are only applicable on orders shipped within India.
  • In case the exchange value is higher than the value of the old product, the customer will have to pay the difference.
  • In case the exchanged value is lesser than the value of the old product, the difference will be refunded in case of a 30-Day exchange, but if it’s a Lifetime Exchange then the difference will be held as a credit for future purchase.
  • If you purchased your item online, you can return or exchange your item at Dwarkas Jewellery store. 
    • Lifetime Exchange & Buy-Back Policy is offered on all purchases* made from Dwarkas, within India. The product along with the original product certificate and invoice can be returned for buy-back or exchanged as per our “return & exchange” policy mentioned*, with deductions of Rs.500 towards processing charges. If you received a discount or free gift while making your purchase, we will deduct the original discount amount or free gift value, as applicable.

Other Terms:

  • All jewellery is carefully checked for quality before packing and shipping. If you have received your item and you feel it’s faulty, we will gladly repair or exchange the original piece. Please note that wear and tear in the course of normal use is not considered a fault. This includes surface scratches, oxidisation fading, tarnishing and loose gemstones. To notify us of a faulty item or if your jewellery needs to be repaired please email us with your name and address, proof of purchase, product details and a photograph of the item. We will get back to you with the best way to proceed and if there will be a cost associated.
  • We do not accept returns for jewellery shipped to outside India.

Resizing and Repairs:

  • If you want to resize your ring, Dwarkas will resize it free of cost except in certain cases where the resizing is not possible.
  • If the resized ring costs more than the existing ring, the incremental cost shall be borne by the customer.
  • If the resized ring costs less than the existing ring, the differential amount shall be refunded to the customer.
  • In case of a refund, the payment of the same shall be made by way of an online bank transfer within 10 days of dispatch of the resized product.
  • If for some reasons, your product needs to be repaired, the company shall repair / replace the product for charges which would be determined by the company on a case to case basis.
  • Shipping charges under Repairs & Resizing policy shall be borne by the customer.